Sri Pengkalan Binaan prepared to set its strategic direction and comprehensive plan of activities for the coming years through a two-day team-building and brainstorming session. 60 team members gathered at Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson from 8th until 9th April 2017.

Working with Lego building blocks, SPB management team learnt about open communication, having an open mind and initiating change from within


On the sea rafting session, every group must worked as a team to build their own raft with bamboo and plastics drum with the guidance of the instructor. After completed the bamboo raft each team will need to paddle the raft to the middle of the sea to take the floating flag. After spending 2 hours trying to tie our rafts together, we set sail into the sea!


Day 2 encompasses fun Obstacle Course which was designed to motivate everyone to pool their talents and perform at their best individually and as team players!

SPB annual dinner

One of the highlights of the team-building trip was the acting performance presented by each group during dinner, with 3 themes:

  • Open-minded
  • Effective Communication
  • Change Starts from Me

And we witnessed miracles on stage!

The trip ended with all 60 team members developing a better working relationship, cultivating a positive team culture and fully aligned to the shared purpose, goals and targets of SPB.


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